A modern, accessible, anatomically based yoga method 

Empower Yoga’s primary focus is in providing contemporary, anatomically based Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga for the Wellington region. Our style is unique in Wellington. Our classes highlight the physiological and biomechanical aspect of Yoga to help you better understand your own body. We do not ignore the mind-body connect that Yoga offers, quite the contrary. "Yoga is the calming of the fluctuations of the mind".  We understand that Yoga is so much more than just the physical postures, and whilst we enjoy the phylosophy of yoga ourselves, it is not the focus of our classes. 

We know how difficult coming to your first Yoga class can be, we've been in the same position, belive me. Have you ever wanted to go to a Yoga class but  been put off by what you think you might experience?  Our Yoga classes are different, they are contemporary and progressive with our primary focus at all times being your physical framework. We will 'EMPOWER YOU TO GET INTO YOUR OWN BODIES' on a level you've never experienced before!  

We operate out of 3 venues as well as offering a mobile service, direct to you or your sports club and one-on-one private tuition. We offer competitive corporate and sports team Yoga packages.

No need to book.

All payments are taken before class begins via; cash, cheque or visa/debit card Fastpay. NO EFTPOS.


Benefits of doing yoga:

Build strength, reduce muscular tension and improve flexibility.

Compliment your current sport/fitness regime and develop a deeper understanding of your body.

Revitalise and rejuvinate your entire system.

Work through persistent chronic injuries.

Mental focus and clarity.